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Telegraph Saturday Magazine, April 27th 2019

It is Sunday Morning, I am wearing ripped pajama bottoms and eating an enormous bowl of shreddies when my father walks into the kitchen. "I'm re-doing the nursury for my future grandchildren," he says cheerfully. I remind him that I'm single. 

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Giffords Circus Magazine, Spring 2019

Lil wears Dr Martens and tartan trousers, her voice is deep and rusty, all of her words are inflected with a quick warmth. “I never thought I’d make it to 28,” she says, splashing milk into her coffee. 

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The Fence Issue 1, Summer 2019


I expected to smell something animal - the warm coppery scent of blood muddled with dirt. But he smelled like Persil laundry detergent. As we kissed he kept biting my neck.  

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The Fence Issue 2, Winter 2019

Isabella was meditating on her roof terrace, her face illuminated by a pink W11 sunrise. Last night had been particularly intense. They'd started at a warehouse in Hackney and wound up in Shia LaBeouf's hotel room. London could be so random sometimes.  

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